AllSubmitter – The most powerful directory submitter

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AllSubmitter – The most powerful directory submitter

Although AllSubmitter offers a variety of SEO functions, its most important features are focusing on semi-automatic and automatic directory submission. The philosophy behind this directory submitter is to provide an all-purpose directory (article directory, social bookmarking site, etc.) submission tool which is capable to automate any (directory) submission task.

Trust me, I am not exaggerating when I state that this directory submitter is the best and by far the most powerful directory submission tool on Earth — something I have been looking for more than a year, and just came across it by mere coincidence. It’s good to know that there are quite a few reasons why you have never heard of AllSubmitter though:

  • the software is written by Russian programmers, therefore the features and the documentation focuses primarily on the Russian market, so the English user interface and documentation is not up to the standards.
  • given the complexity of this tool (and also because of the lack of documenation) it has a really long learning curve, so it takes a lot of time to get a clue about what this tool can do.
  • maybe it’s jsut too good, so instead of spreading the news about AllSubmitter you’d rather decide not to blog about it, keeping the secret of the tool which makes your directory submissions many times faster. :)

All-purpose submitter tool


While other directory submitter software usually come with directory lists, by default AllSubmitter has an empty directory database. Although for an extra fee ($49) you can buy a directory list, AllSubmitter is best when you are ready to build your own database — something quite common if you do submissions for a niche or regional or language market.

There are a lot of innovative features to ease the management of your directory list: discovering web directories using search engines, importing directory lists from web sites, getting important properties of the listed directories such as domain Page Rank, and many other features for categorizing your directories, even importing and exporting these lists from/to other AllSubmitter instances, therefore potentially from other AllSubmitter users.

Automated and semi-automated submission

While many directory submitters can handle effectively only one or just a few directory scripts, this directory submitter is built so that it could automate basically any directory submission be the site powered by PHP Link Directory, eSyindicat, indexU or any other, even custom directory script.

For some directories this submitter provides automatic submission, which means that once you set up a directory, you will never have to visit it again, only click on the URL in a list, choose the most appropriate category and enter the Captcha code — something which will make your directory submissions lightning fast.

Unfortunately this tool cannot perfectly handle form elements that are loaded by AJAX calls, therefore you cannot fully automate submission for a site which uses newer Pligg versions (with reCaptcha which is loaded by JavaScript into the submission form) or for certain PHP LD powered directories where you have to choose the category by using a JavaScript-based category chooser.

Similarly you will be able to use only the semi-automated method for many eSyndicat directories where the submission preview is loaded by asynchronous JavaScript code or anywhere where istead of Captchas TextChas (tricky questions) are used to prevent bots from submitting.

There are a lot of other functions such as random rotation of descriptions and titles, a built-in e-mail client to check validation and confirmation e-mails etc., so the only thing I miss is the submission checking function based on site searches.


AllSubmitter is a very sophisticated tool with a peculiar user interface reflecting a well though but rather unconventional system. Once you get familiarized with it you will be amazed by its versatility. To get to that point be prepared to invest $179 in the license and spend at least a week with learning until you get up to speed with this directory submitter. You will also have to get a Windows machine because this tool runs only on Windows XP/Vista/7.

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Easy Submits — A simple directory submitter

Jun 7, 2010 by

Easy Submits — A simple directory submitter

Easy Submits is a free online directory submitter application with all the necessary basic features to submit your site to a few hundred PHP Link Directory powered web directory. The service can be accessed for free at

Easy Submits is a really simple application but quite handy as well offering only a minimal set of features, but all of them are  implemented in a simple and effective manner. This can be seen right at the registration: you only have to give an URL and a password, and you are immediately ready to go:

Free Directory Submission Home Page

Upon registering the first step will be to complete the submission details about your site, category also included. This directory submitter  lacks the feature of Title/Description rotation or random Title/Description generator, but if you think about how easy is to change them on the interface, you can get to a conclusion that after a certain number of submission you just simply rewrite or modify the title and description of the site you are submitting, you will get similar results.

Free Directory Submission - EasySubmits Data form

The directory list interface is also quite user friendly: it gives you the ability to sort the lists by different criteria (even by Page Rank), give feedback on the directories listed, check the submission status, etc.

Free Directory Submission - EasySubmits Directory List

When you click on a directory in this list, the application will display the submission form of the directories with just the necessary content: nothing more than the fields and their content:

Free Directory Submission - EasySubmits Submission Form

Directory list of Easy Submits

At the time of writing this link directory submitter offers 511 PHP Link Directory powered directories to submit to. 145 direcories of them cannot be found on digiXMAS‘ directory list.

What EasySubmits is good for?

The fact that this directory submitter is a free might make you think that this tool cannot really deliver good results. Based on my experiences with similar services I would suggest that you should not expect too much, not because of the application itself but because of the fact that submitting to a few hundred “nothing special”, PHP Link Directory-based site cannot make miracles.

If you compare EasySubmits to paid directory submitter working with similar directories you can see that for instance digiXMAS has five times more directories, much more features including an integrated service for breaking capthcas, etc.. A big advantage of this online submitter is that you can use it on other platforms than Windows, so Linux or Mac OS X users can benefit from using this tool.

So my suggestion would be that if you are new to directory submissions, EasySubmits is a nice tool to start to play around with — especially if you are a non-Windows user so you cannot install any professional directory submitter on your desktop — but professional tools can save you a lot of time.

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My experience with digiXMAS Directory Submitter

May 30, 2010 by

The ability of submitting your web site to thousands of directories might sound promising, but there are many search engine optimisers who think that it is no use to mass submit to low-quality or spammy directories. So what’s the truth about high volume submissions to low quality (or zero page rank) link directories? To get a bit more balanced picture of this frequently debated link building method, read my review of digiXMAS, and the description of the results which can be achieved with this directory submitter.

First of all, digiXMAS is not a ‘miracle tool’, it will not be a ‘one-stop shop,’ the only solution you need for your link building campaigns. digiXMAS — and the link building solution it proposes — of course has its pros and cons: while it provides you a lighting fast solution to submit your sites to hundreds of web directories, the problem with these link directories is that the vast majority of them provides little or no added value, therefore they are not quite reputable sites for search engines.


  • Although this directory submitter gives you access to almost two and a half thousand directories, there are only hundred web directories with PageRank 4 or above.
  • Among these directories there are a lot of recicled domains, so these sites have gained reputation for other reasons than being a quality directory.
  • Since there aren’t really too much authority sites among these directories, do not expect to achieve good rankings for highly competitive keywords.
  • Nevertheless there are many responsive directories accepting your link submissions in a matter of days or weeks, results come quite slowly, so use only if can wait three or more months to see ranking improvements.
  • If you submit your sites too fast, and/or you use just a few title and description variants, then you risk getting downranked or banned for a few months.
  • Many directories where your site has been accepted will not show up when you check your site’s external links with Yahoo! Site Explorer or Google Webmaster Tools. For instance if you have submitted your site to cca. 1500 directories where 500 will list your submission, only approx. 10% will be shown by Yahoo!, so only 50 distinct domain will be listed if you query the external links at Yahoo’s Site Explorer.


  • There are certain situations where big numbers do count, for instance when you want to “obfuscate” your link building efforts. Throwing in some PHPLD powered directories with digiXMAS will make your site’s external link network more diverse, thus making harder to evaluate, which kind of link building technique led to the high rankings.
  • Also if you happen to have a client who is obsessed by big numbers, you can easily present a few hundred new links thanks to digiXMAS.
  • Because virtually no directory owner (or administrator) will visit your site before accepting or rejecting it, if you write consistent or credible titles and descriptions for the suggested link, it might be accepted even if your site’s topic is completely different.
  • As nobody checks your site, you can also submit non-English web pages with English descriptions and Titles and you will achieve almost the same results as you would with English language sites, of course if you target for English keywords. (Quite a few directories have “World” category for non-English sites, but by default these directories are meant for English sites.)
  • You can also submit international sites with non-English titles and descriptions: albeit your submission will be more likely rejected, many of these link suggestions will be accepted and listed even in categories outside of “World” and “Regional”, thus mixed with English web sites.
  • As I mentioned above you cannot achieve impressive results when it comes to highly competitive keywords, but you can get considerable improvements with the ranking for less frequently used keywords and longer expressions.
  • Since many directories will accept your submission with the link anchor text you specified, you can improve your rankings for keywords and expressions you would never use on your web pages, such as mistyped keywords, expressions related to your competitors, etc.


Although not as effective tool as it might seem when you only see the number of directories, digiXMAS

  • helps you to rank better for keywords or expressions mostly belonging to long tail search,
  • is an useful tool to widen the range of keywords and expressions you optimize your site for,
  • lets you to get ranked for keywords which cannot be found on your web site at all
  • can provide a further link building opportunity for non-English sites even if you have submitted your site to every directories collecting links in your language.

That’s why I suggest that if you need to do an extensive link building camaign and you have run out of obvious ideas how to gain more links or if the competition is so high that you will have to use every possible method to get more backlinks, digiXMAS is a cheap and effective tool for you, nevertheless it will not make your site succesful itself, therefore you should combine this directory submission with other link building techniques.

If you build your links slowly (eg. continously submitting to all directories during a six monts period), and you vary the titles and descriptions, you will not be banned for the targeted keywords.

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digiXMAS – A Sophisticated PHPLD Directory Submitter

Apr 20, 2010 by

digiXMAS – A Sophisticated PHPLD Directory Submitter

digiXMAS Directory Submitter is a semi automated directory submission tool for PHP Link Directory powered directories. Upon registering on the digiXMAS web site (aff.), you will be able to download and install this tool on your Windows desktop (Unfortunately there is no Linux or Mac OS X version).

You can give a try to a full-featured free version, the only serious limitation is that you can submit your site to a limited number of low quality  web directories (150 directories with PageRank 0).  If you order credit for a web site, for $15 you will be able to submit your site to all the 2550 PHP LD powered link directories included in digiXMAS’ directory list.

The biggest advantage of this directory submitter tool is that since it handles only one directory script, a wide range of features are available to ease the submission process: the submission is quick, the appropriate category can be choosen autmatically, and a detailed report of the success of your link building campaign can be easily generated.

The biggest disadvantage also comes from the fact that this tool is specialized to handle only one type of directory script:  digiXMAS’ directory list is quite “homogenous”: since the PHP Link Directory script is extremely popular, it is installed to a lot of cheap, parked domains with little to no customization, in many cases using not only the same skins but just a few type of topic hiearchies, accepting a lot of spammy submissions.

The user interface


The user interface consists of three panes:

  • one vertical pane shows the basic data of the web site you are actually submitting (you can enter more sites and change the actual site here).
  • the upper horizontal pane shows the directory list: it not only gives a quick overview of the directories, but also displays the status of your submissions:
    • pending means you haven’t submitted your site,
    • success means that you have sucessfully sent your submission
    • listed means that your submission was accepted
    • and there are three more obvious statuses: in progress, failed and bypassed.
  • the lower horizontal pane is a kind of log of the submission process displaying different messages about the submission process.

The directory submitter has two “modes”: the above screenshot shows the user interface of the semi-automated submission mode. I am not covering the other, manual submission mode here, because I don’t find it that useful. Similarly to the Omnibius — a directory submitter I blogged about earlier — this mode basically loads the entire web page, where you have to navigate to the submission form, enter the missing data which could not be automagically entered such as Captchas and finally administer the status of your submissions by hand.

The key user interface element of the other, much more useful semi-automated submission mode is the pop-up dialog box where you actually choose the appropriate category, solve Captchas and finally send your submissions:


This modal dialog pops up whenewer the tool managed to download the necessary data from the link directory in question. If you press OK, the submitter sends the necessary data, changes the status of the submission attrubuted to the given directory and pops up the next dialog boxes showing the data extracted from the subsequent directories.

One of the best features of this directory submitter is that — based on your initial input — it simply learns which categories would be the most appropriate for your site. Below the OK button you can see two arrows which let you navigate between the category suggestions the system picked for consideration, based on your previous choices. Fortunately these arrows have to be rarely used since in the majority of the cases the system can guess the best category. The another time consuming and annoying step of directory submissions — the CAPTCHA solving can be also automated using an external service of Decapther integrated to this tool.

With the semi-automated mode the submission for hundreds of directories can be done quickly without virtually knowing how those web directories look like: you will always see the same uniform interface: no fancy skins, templates, etc. you should get used to.

The data you send to the directories can be edited in a separate dialog which gives you access to more Title/Description variants which will be rotated randomly thus ensuring that your link submissions generate link networks closer to the “natural” ones.


The submission report

A nice submission check feature makes this directory submitter complete: if you issue the submission check command, the tool will crawl all directories and check whether your submission has been accepted or not. Based on the feedback collected from the listed directories, the system generates a detailed status report of your link building campaign. A sample report published in HTML format can be seen here:

The directory list

As I already mentioned the directory list consists of English directories  covering general topics powered by PHP Link Directory script. digiXMAS does not feature neither non-English directories nor niche or other speciality directories. At the time of writing the list had 2550 link directories with the following Page Rank values:

  • PageRank 6: 5
  • PageRank 5: 28
  • PageRank 4: 59
  • PageRank 3: 192
  • PageRank 2: 279
  • PageRank 1: 298
  • PageRank 0: 1689

As you can see there are only a few directories with good PR values:  unfortunately many of them have not earned this reputation as a web directory since among the high PageRank directories there are lots of domain names which were used for other purposes previously, and their high PR values are indeed inherited.

As for the many PR zero directories, in case of  the majority of the included directories this low PR value reflects their bad reputation, but on the other hand there are always many relatively new directories listed, which couldn’t geta a PR value, and are to gain better PageRank values later.

The directory list of digiXMAS was always up to date during the past months I used this tool: the vast majority of the included directories works, the directories have appropriate categories, and many of them actually accept your submissions.


All in all, digiXMAS is the most advanced web directory submitter I have ever seen. It’s a pity that it is a Windows-only and PHP Link Directory-only tool, but irrespectively of these limitations, this directory submission tool is worth giving a try. Athough it is not a free tool you will not regret to spend some bucks on it. This tool is not a secret weapon but if you use it appropriately, it can contribute to the success of your link building campaigns.

Some other complementary services and tools can be also accessed on digiXMAS home page (aff.): you can also get an article submitter here or different submission services can be ordered if you want to outsource the directory submission.

More details on best practices — how to effectively use this tool has been published in a separate post: see my review on digixmas

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Apr 10, 2010 by – A German directory submission tool

Although this directory submitter is only available in German and its primary scope is to assist German-language link building campaigns,  I think it’s worth introducing for the English speaking audience because it has some rather interesting features which I haven’t seen elsewhere.

Fastbacklink is a web based tool which provides access and a submission tool for more than four thousand German directories at the time of writing. More than 4000 means that virtually every German language directory is included. This directory submission tool has an unique concept: it not only lists those directories which can be handled with this tool — automatically filling out the submission forms — but other directories where due to the peculiarities of the directory no help can be provided by the tool so you have to fill out the submission form by hand.


As you can see the tool lists the contained directories with their PageRank values, a short description and some other basic features like paid/free/reciprocal submission options. The tool lets its users to assess and comment the listed directories also giving you a tool to administer the directories where you have already submitted your sites and those ones where your submission has been accepted. Where you can see the arrow icon with green background it means that the submission tool can handle that directory, so you can start submitting with this tool:


If the directory in question is powered by PHP Link Directory then the submission page will be loaded directly in an iframe with all the appropriate fields filled with the pre-defined data (The texts have been removed from theis screenshot though), so you don’t even have to visit the directory — all the submission process is managed on Fastbacklink’s interface.


If the directory you are about to submit your site to is powered by easyLink, popular German directory script, you can do the first step of the submission process using Fastbacklink’s interface  to choose the appropriate category and submission type. Having completed this first step a new browser window will be opened taking you to the submission form with almost all the necessary fields filled in with the details you specified before.

Perhaps the best feature of this directory submitter tool is the random description generator — you can create many short phrases and the tool randomly combines different description texts based on your short sentences. Something similar can be done with titles you enter — although this feature proved to be less usable for me. In theory these random descriptions can help you to get links with properties which resemble natural link networks surrounding valuable sites, thus achieving better results from your directory submission campaigns, but also many German directories require that you submit unique content —  using site descriptions which cannot be found elsewhere.


The interface for entering all the necessary domain data

This directory submitter can be used on a paid membership basis. For 40 euros you can build links for four different domains. The cost for additional domains is EUR 10 each, but there is a flatrate too and you can order some other additional services and features.

The quality of the directory list

The directory data is quite up-to-date, the listed directories  generally  are working, and they are listed with appropriate data such as the availability of free submissions.

The only problem is that you cannot really filter the directory list by topics. Since the majority of the directories are niche or regional directories (there are many German directories dealing with extremely narrow topics such as links about solar energy for instance), generally only a smaller part of the available directories can be used for a certain link building campaign, therefore you have to read through a huge list to figure out which directory could accept your link submission.


If you need to build links on the German language web this tool is a must since it not only provides an extensive list of directories where you can submit your site but also gives you a bunch of handy features which will help you to work faster. Since the overall value of German directories is somewhat perceived higher by search engines than its English counterparts, relying only on this tool can help you to get among the top rankings in, or for keywords with moderate competition.

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