AllSubmitter – The most powerful directory submitter

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AllSubmitter – The most powerful directory submitter

Although AllSubmitter offers a variety of SEO functions, its most important features are focusing on semi-automatic and automatic directory submission. The philosophy behind this directory submitter is to provide an all-purpose directory (article directory, social bookmarking site, etc.) submission tool which is capable to automate any (directory) submission task.

Trust me, I am not exaggerating when I state that this directory submitter is the best and by far the most powerful directory submission tool on Earth — something I have been looking for more than a year, and just came across it by mere coincidence. It’s good to know that there are quite a few reasons why you have never heard of AllSubmitter though:

  • the software is written by Russian programmers, therefore the features and the documentation focuses primarily on the Russian market, so the English user interface and documentation is not up to the standards.
  • given the complexity of this tool (and also because of the lack of documenation) it has a really long learning curve, so it takes a lot of time to get a clue about what this tool can do.
  • maybe it’s jsut too good, so instead of spreading the news about AllSubmitter you’d rather decide not to blog about it, keeping the secret of the tool which makes your directory submissions many times faster. :)

All-purpose submitter tool


While other directory submitter software usually come with directory lists, by default AllSubmitter has an empty directory database. Although for an extra fee ($49) you can buy a directory list, AllSubmitter is best when you are ready to build your own database — something quite common if you do submissions for a niche or regional or language market.

There are a lot of innovative features to ease the management of your directory list: discovering web directories using search engines, importing directory lists from web sites, getting important properties of the listed directories such as domain Page Rank, and many other features for categorizing your directories, even importing and exporting these lists from/to other AllSubmitter instances, therefore potentially from other AllSubmitter users.

Automated and semi-automated submission

While many directory submitters can handle effectively only one or just a few directory scripts, this directory submitter is built so that it could automate basically any directory submission be the site powered by PHP Link Directory, eSyindicat, indexU or any other, even custom directory script.

For some directories this submitter provides automatic submission, which means that once you set up a directory, you will never have to visit it again, only click on the URL in a list, choose the most appropriate category and enter the Captcha code — something which will make your directory submissions lightning fast.

Unfortunately this tool cannot perfectly handle form elements that are loaded by AJAX calls, therefore you cannot fully automate submission for a site which uses newer Pligg versions (with reCaptcha which is loaded by JavaScript into the submission form) or for certain PHP LD powered directories where you have to choose the category by using a JavaScript-based category chooser.

Similarly you will be able to use only the semi-automated method for many eSyndicat directories where the submission preview is loaded by asynchronous JavaScript code or anywhere where istead of Captchas TextChas (tricky questions) are used to prevent bots from submitting.

There are a lot of other functions such as random rotation of descriptions and titles, a built-in e-mail client to check validation and confirmation e-mails etc., so the only thing I miss is the submission checking function based on site searches.


AllSubmitter is a very sophisticated tool with a peculiar user interface reflecting a well though but rather unconventional system. Once you get familiarized with it you will be amazed by its versatility. To get to that point be prepared to invest $179 in the license and spend at least a week with learning until you get up to speed with this directory submitter. You will also have to get a Windows machine because this tool runs only on Windows XP/Vista/7.

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