Article Marketing Robot – Experiences & Review

Nov 29

When I started to learn more about  the world of article directories then of course first of all I have started to discover and submit to these directories with Allsubmitter. Soon I have realized that although Allsubmitter is a wonderful all-purpose submitter tool, I might be a good idea to try a specialized submission software, simply because when it comes to...

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List of Free UK Link Directories with .asd4 File

May 27

Version 11.05 of UK web directories contains 218 free and seo-friendly link directories hosted under the .uk ccTLD. This web directory list might be useful if you are targeting UK clients. An Allsubmitter 6 compatible .asd4 file is also available for a minimum fee. Although some other British link directory lists might contain more directories, this is a carefully...

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How to find almost all directories?

May 10

There are three different ways of building systematically your own link directory (or social bookmarking site or article directory) database — all of them is based on finding certain footprints or texts present on only the kind of sites you are looking for by scraping search engine result pages. Finding sites which call themselves directories It might be rather...

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Using directories as a honeypot

May 02

Once web directories were widely used as means of navigation on the web, nowadays they are almost exclusively used as means of increasing the number of backlins to someone’s site. Nevertheless you can also install a new directory only to create a kind of honeypot in order to figure out the different tactics advanced link marketeers, black hat SEO professionals...

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Useful directory lists — only from linkbuilders

Apr 20

When you need a good list of directories or social bookmarking sites, no matter whether you are looking for some general directories or other sites specializing in a certain topic or language, not really the mere number of the included sites count but the ratio of the directories which are still alive and accept link submissions in a timely manner. Aging of directory...

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AllSubmitter – The most powerful directory submitter

Aug 20

Although AllSubmitter offers a variety of SEO functions, its most important features are focusing on semi-automatic and automatic directory submission. The philosophy behind this directory submitter is to provide an all-purpose directory (article directory, social bookmarking site, etc.) submission tool which is capable to automate any (directory) submission...

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List of German Pligg sites

Jul 03

List of German language social bookmarking sites powered by pligg. In this post I would like to share with you my list of German Pligg sites. The method I used to collect them was to search for two key expressions almost every Pligg powered site has: “veröffentliche” (means published) and “bevorstehende” (means upcoming). The below social...

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